• where is ibiza
    Where is
    Ibiza is located in
    East of Spain
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  • where is ibiza
    Where is
    Ibiza is located in
    East of Spain
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    Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, 79 kilometres (49 miles) off the coast of the city of Valencia in east Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. Its largest cities are Ibiza Town (Catalan: Vila d'Eivissa, or simply Vila), Santa Eul?ria des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany. Its highest point, called Sa Talaiassa (or Sa Talaia), is 475 metres (1,558 feet) above sea level.

    Ibiza Beach in Ibiza

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    Where is Atlantis Ibiza

    The area known as Atlantis is the site of a former quarry – the site where the rocks that form the basis of the Old Town where all sourced from here. The old quarry site has now been totally reclaimed by the sea and at first glance appears to be a whole town completely underwater. It is opposite the mystical island of Es Vedra and is imbued with some of the magic of the area. It is an excellent place to take some unique photographs as the scenery is stunning and quite picturesque. Who knows, perhaps you might catch a glimpse of a mermaid or siren flitting about the edge of your vision!

    Where is Ses Variades Ibiza

    The Ses Variades coast gives a superb vantage point from which to watch the sunset, and large crowds of people make a point of being lined comfortably on the shore to watch the stunning play of color in the sky as the sun slowly slips beneath the horizon, turning the waters a brilliant, fiery orange.

    Where is Ibiza Port

    As a change from the hedonistic atmosphere of the many luxurious resorts and popular beachfront strips of Ibiza, why not take a leisurely stroll around the Port of Ibiza and watch the various cruise ships, fishing boats and luxury yachts come and go. The lively banter and expertise of long-time sailors is a joy to observe and who knows, it may even inspire you to go for a sailing jaunt across the port! Have lunch at the many wonderful restaurants and cafes found throughout the Port or simply while away the afternoon while sipping a refreshing sangria at the promenade to cap off a blissful conclusion to your afternoon.

    Where is Eivissa Dalt Villa Ibiza

    Eivissa Dalt Vila literally means Ibiza Upper Town and commonly refers to the oldest part of the old town which the local government has declared a protected area. Top attractions in Eivissa Dalt Vila include the imposing 14th century cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa which overlooks town and provides a stunning view of the harbor from a rise and the Necropolis of Puig des Molins, an interesting burial cemetery used for over a thousand years with a vast network of over 3,000 burial chambers buried deep underground.

    Where is Ibiza's Beaches

    There are more than 40 beautiful beaches you can choose from to get that perfect tan in Ibiza, each with different characteristics that appeal to the preferences of tourists. Benirras Beach, one of the most visited beaches in Ibiza, is not your typical beach, as it has grainy, rocky sand for its beachfront lapped by waves of clear, blue-green water. Cala d’en Serra, an oval-shaped beach on the north coast, is relatively small but is surrounded by imposing cliffs, cerulean waters and fine, golden sand.

    Where is Ses Salines National Park Ibiza

    The Ses Salines National Park encompasses parts of southern Ibiza and a portion of the neighboring Balearic island of Formentera including the strait that separates the two islands in the Belearics chain. The Natural Park serves as host to numerous virgin, unspoilt beaches, over 178 species of plant life, 210 species of birds which are endemic to Ibiza and Formentera and which can be found only in the Mediterranean. The Spanish government first declared the Park a natural reserve in 1995 and Ses Salines has also been included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites owing to the Park’s rich ecosystem and biodiversity of its flora and fauna.
    Famous places in Ibiza.

    Most visited areas in Ibiza

    Here you can read about the most visited areas in Ibiza and the most popular places as well!

    Where is Cala Comte Ibiza

    Cala Comte beach is in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia and is 5.0 miles (8.0 km) west of the village of Sant Agustí des Vedrà.

    Where is Cala Salada Ibiza

    Cala Salada is a cove in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany and is 2.9 miles (4.7 km) north of the town of Sant Antoni de Portmany.

    Where is Ibiza's Castle

    The Ibiza Castle, also known as Eivissa Castle, is located in Old Town Ibiza.

    Where is Aguamar Ibiza

    Aguamar, Ibiza's biggest water park is a great place to spend a day splashing, is located in Playa d'en Bossa.

    Where is Atlantis Ibiza

    Atlantis in Ibiza notorious among the locals and those in the know as one of the spiritual cores of Ibiza. It is opposite the island of es Vedra..

    Where is Ses Salines Nature Park Ibiza

    Ses salines This nature park is situated between the Islands of Ibiza and Formentera and includes the sea channel that seperates them.

    Where is Aquarium Cap Blanc Ibiza

    Aquarium Cap Blanc is situated in San Antonio, Cala Gració, opposite the Hotel Tanit down a small pathway.

    Where is Cathedral of Ibiza

    Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows or Ibiza, is located in the Dalt Vila in Ibiza Town.

    Sightseeings in Ibiza.

    Visiting Ibiza u can have direct access to the main sights of the island. Such as Aquarium Cap Blanc, Playa Puerto de San Miguel and Ibiza's Castle

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